Many people are yet to appreciate that bird watching  is the fast growing tourism sector that is worth more than $ 5b .From the source of the white Nile on Lake Victoria to the snow capped Rwezonri range,the montane forest  of the virunga volcanoes to the desert plains of Karamonja .Uganda is an Equatorial country of astonishing contrasts

No other area in Africa can match its amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in the ever-burgeoning bird list of over1000 species .Amongst these are many special birds , such as she bill and the numerous spectacular endemics of  the albertine rift valley   that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. Today many tour operators  and guides have included them in their itineraries  and travel hemispheres limited is one of the tour operators who use them and some of them  includes;

Mabira Forest where one can see more than 300 bird species .Within an hour one can see more than 100 birds in the forest.

Mabamba at lutembe Bay on lake Victoria , as you head to the air port is ideal. It is home to the shoe bill ,one of the most attractive birds to tourists. It is a small area but is a place  where migrant birds rest

Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest in the south west offers some of the finest montane forest birding in Africa and is a key destination for any birder visiting Uganda. Amongst the numerous possibilities are no fewer than 23 of Ugandans 24 Albertine Rift endemics, including spectacular , globally threatened species such as African Green Broadbill and shelley’s  crimsonwing ,many known from no other site in East Africa .some of the birding areas in bwindi are Ruhija and  buhoma area.

Semliki National Park in the western side known as  the true  birders haven. Sempaya and  Ntandi provide excellent viewing of the birds including the white – crested Hornbill Dwarf Hornbill ,piping Hornbill ,Yellow – throated Nicator ,Great blue and Ross’s Turacos .The shoebill stork is regularly seen at close quarters on Lake Albert and forest walks are good for tracking water birds.

Kibale Forest National Park. It boasts 372 bird species of which 60 percent  are recorded Uganda’s Forest Birds.The forest is superficially similar to Budongo although a number of species are more easily a vailable for flocks of the rare and localized white – naped pigeon in fight overhead or sunning themselves in the teetops in the early morning .fruiting trees attract aplethora of frugivores including Afep pigeon ,Nrina Trogon and Pied.

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