All eyes will be in the sky here in Kigali on March 21, as the aviation industry welcomes the inaugural flight by Qatar airways from Doha to Kigali. The arrival ceremony will be witnessed by the director general of the Rwanda civil aviation authority and Akbar Al Baker, the Qatar airways CEO. The landing of the first flight from Doha that will be the start of the Qatar airlines flights here will be celebrated with a massive cocktail to be held at the exit gate of the Kigali international airport. The flight follows fast paced talks by Qatar airways, one of the leading firms in the business globally with Rwanda civil aviation officers for close to a month. Last month, Akbar Al Baker, the Qatar airways CEO stated how they were interested in opening business in Rwanda because it was fast becoming a popular hub for business and poses strong business potential. The talks also involved negotiations to allow Qatar flights between Entebbe and Kigali.By flying to kigali will increase number of tourists to do rwanda safaris. Rwanda  has pontential tourist attractions like culuture, mountain gorillas and natural forests  with good record of primates including chimpanzees, moonkeys and many bird species.

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