What to see on safari to uganda

Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” now “Gifted by Nature” was once described by Sir Winston Churchill at the start of the last century in 1908,.. “has a unique description which cannot be close to the [...]

Where is Uganda

Uganda is land locked country in Africa. Uganda is located in the East African region that borders Kenya in the East, Tanzania, Rwanda in the south , Sudan the north and in the west DRC  [...]

Exploring Uganda

The initial trickles  of the Nile first streamed  in Uganda and  all the enormous safaris endeavored  is back on the travel map after 20 years. Some of the safaris  in Uganda are: like gorilla [...]

uganda relaxation vacation

Travelers who expect an exotic and adventurous travel in Africa — specifically having a “safari image in mind — would find both places for adventures and for relaxation exist. [...]


The world’s outstanding abode   to the throttlehold of  giraffe is Uganda,  by way of above  800 of these striking fauna inhabit in Murchison Falls National Park which is the largest park in [...]


The Bambuti are a huntsman – gatherer community originate in the western part of Uganda .They are closely linked to the Batwa pygmies found in Uganda leading   to cultural safaris which is also [...]


The delivery of a new baby mountain gorilla in  Bwindi Forest National Park on 21st/Aug/2016  brought smiles on the faces of wildlife lovers. Bwindi is known for gorilla tracking. The baby [...]

Bwindi’s Mountain Gorillas

Uganda’s  Bwindi  Impenetrable Forest, basically restricted in Bwindi Impenetrable National park , comprises a large ancient forest at altitudes with a leg on each side of from 1,160 to 2607  [...]


Lions are  mammals  of the family Felidae and one of four ”big cats” in the genus oanthera. They are the second  leading   feline genus ,following the tiger leading to adventure safari in Uganda [...]


The arrival of the Christian missionaries, Anglican and Catholic, set the stage for new developments, and marked a turning point in the religious life of the people of Buganda; as well as the [...]

Birding in Uganda

There can be few destinations on earth where one can expect to find almost 612 avian species in one park alone Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park. 451 species have been recorded in the [...]

About Us

Travel Hemispheres | Uganda Tour Operator About us Travel Hemispheres Limited: African Safari Management Company is a Tour Operator registered in Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” in East Africa, [...]

Our Staff

Our Staff: Travel Hemispheres The company employs tourism consultants. Our team is made up of experienced, innovative and knowledgeable experts to our East African region; they include [...]

Why Travel Hemispheres

Our African Safaris Why Travel Hemispheres is a Premier African Safari Management Company Travel Hemispheres Limited is an African Safari Management company that has arranged hundreds of [...]

The Switerzland of Africa

Kigezi as known to those who occupied it before the colonialists and come the separation of power by creating many districts of Uganda now.  Kabale was the seat of the former Kigezi District [...]

Uganda birdng safari

Uganda is not just a birder”s paradise , it’s one of the richest countries in the World in terms of winged wonders. | The East African nation is the place to go to see the magestic crowned crane [...]

Dr Jane Goodall Visit Uganda

Dr. Jane Goodall today released 17 African Grey parrots at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. These birds were confiscated from Bulgaria in April 2010. “I am excited to be here and pull [...]

Nile Perch Fishing Safari Expedition In Murchison falls National Park- Uganda is Unique.

Murchison falls national park is largest wildlife park in Uganda. It is located in the north west part of the country. The great River Nile passes through this park and forms thunderous gigantic [...]