Ugandan Hoteliers bank on domestic travel during school holidays, when parents take time out and bring their families for a vacation but this expectation has been turned down. This is because Muslim families traveling on pleasure during this period are a few or not any. Travel is a pleasure and as such does not conform Ramadhan principles, where no such pleasures are supposed to be enjoyed Uganda safaris.

Ramadhan is a month of prayers, sadaq, forgiveness and cleansing of body and soul. During this month Muslim travel to Mecca for Umra though is for a few people who can afford to travel and across the country to different mosques for Itiqaf (supplementing) especially during the last 10days of the month. This month is believed to change people as they return back their Allah (God) to repent their sins and also ask for forgiveness.

At the end of month, domestic tourism is expected to increase as many people will take there families out to have fan for example to Zoo where most families go, national parks and also other places like amusement parks, hotels, shows, theaters, others travel back their home village to enjoy Idd with their families among others thus travel increases uganda tours as well as increase in transport costs.

When the month ends, we expect many people to travel before school starts again but not during August.

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