The Rwanda emigration website has downloadable visa forms in portable digital format (PDF). Visitors from other parts of the world as well as Rwandan citizens now need not to travel looking for Rwandan embassy; they can now just fill in passport or visa application forms online and track them on the Internet to find out whether they are ready. The whole process is summarized online. The process is just a click of a mouse and a print out grants one an authorized entry facility into Rwanda. An entry facility is a document issued by the immigration department that enables citizens from other countries that do not have Rwandan Embassy to obtain a single entry visa at any official entry point. Online applicants can either use French or English. There is also application form in the Internet in Kinyarwanda, which are meant for Rwandans. With online tracking one will only collect documents when they are ready. This is meant to eliminate the syndrome of telling people to come tomorrow said Mr. Anaclet, at the helm of the time saving web based system, he also added that online process is more cheaper for one to use than spending on transport costs traveling now and again to the immigration offices. This is the most efficient procedure, by using web visa issuing and passport application Tourists can now easily access Rwanda gorilla region by simply getting visas through online visa tracking.

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