The growth of Uganda’s tourism sector is partly dependent on the promotion of domestic tourism.  According to the analysis so done, it indicates that the tourism  industry in Uganda safaris is still lagging behind which is attributed to the negligence of the government support towards domestic tourism therefore, its neighbors calling for the need to develop tourism domestically. The contribution of the Tourism industry in Kenya and Tanzania is partly attributed to the greater emphasis and support the governments provide to the sector to develop it domestically, which lacks in Ugandan government despite of the unique offerings it possesses like the country’s all year round sunny climate and unique, fauna and flora that make it potentially one of the most popular tourist destinations.

 The industry being the source of foreign exchange for the country, there are several initiatives that have been undertaken to develop the industry but a lot more needs to be done for example though the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is trying to promote domestic tourism, but it is not enough, so the government should increase its spending at the promotion of Uganda as a tourist destination of choice for tourists, providing incentives for investment into the sector, increase on the tourism marketing funds and try to resolve their political wrangles peacefully to avoid political unrest in the country which scares away tourists and impacts on Uganda’s reputation as a safe tourist destination. Coupled with poor infrastructure, it makes domestic tourism relatively low.

In the campaign to develop domestic tourism, tour operators urge the government to ensure that the development of transport network is efficient since it has a direct impact on improving   accessibility to tourists destinations within Uganda. Because of poor road net work, strong vehicles are needed to access national parks  which cannot be  afforded by local people who are willing to travel to visit local tourist sites.  Thus government need to do a lot of marketing, provide incentives to investors, create more tourism awareness within the domestic population and ensure security in the country thus urge domestic tourism will advance the sector in the country.    

By Olyvia

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