It’s a year now since news broke that Uganda, together with a group of investors to refurbish a Uganda flag. Victoria International Airlines, (VIA), which is Uganda’s new national flag carrier is likely to tousle feathers in the market. The company is a joint venture between Uganda and a group of investors from South Africa and Switzerland. The Airline started operating in November 2006 and fly to Nairobi, Johannesburg and Juba. Victoria, which has VB as its airline identification code initially operate two Boeing 737-200s, leased from South African aircraft leasing firm Avstar. The two aircraft have a sitting capacity of 108 with 14 business class seats. VB fly to Johannesburg three times a week and four times to Juba capital of southern Sudan. The Ugandan government owns 20% stake of Victoria with the rest of the stake held by South Africa and Swiss investors. Uganda has not had a national airline since the liquidation of Uganda Airlines in early 2001 and now the dream come true. Visitors from such destinations can now travel directly to Uganda and experience the Pearl of Africa with its safari circuit.

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