Matt & Kelly :  In Tripadvisor comments  for Travel Hemispheres who had safari with us : Jan 2011


Christine and James Seymour: Had their trip in June 2011

Hi there Fred: Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  After we got acclimatised to being back here we seem to have been busy with one thing and another, and sadly our trip seems to be in the distant past.

 We had a fantastic time in Africa and the highlight for us was definitely seeing the gorillas. The chimps were a close second.  We really did enjoy our all too short time in Uganda and are very keen to come back.  We would also like to se the gorillas in Rwanda, so maybe one day we will be knocking on your door again.

 Jim has already passed on your contact details to Joanne our overall travel agent. We are also giving talks to people in both our respective offices and will mention your name and agency.

 As you mentioned the trip was short and probably a bit rushed in terms of covering great distances, obviously Africa is a large continent and places are far apart.  We did not appreciate all the traveling involved before we came.

 What we have also learnt is that despite paying for most things up-front before we arrive, there are still costs.  We were paying for guides which we hadn’t factored into the scheme of things before we arrived.  For example we needed to pay for a tour guide at   Queen Elizabeth National Park, if we had known this before-hand we would have been better prepared.  As we had limited local currency this tour ended up as short, and we didn’t spend as much time in the park as we would have liked. I am sure the guide, who was very good, thought it was odd as well.

 The accommodation we had on your trip was excellent, including the food, and we also got good treatment on all the tours. I think we were privileged to see one of the best family gorilla groups and this was thanks to your connections I am sure.

 I do hope we will have the opportunity in the future to come to Uganda again.

 Cheers Christine.


Colette Anne O’Driscoll, Marysia Heleri Kiaja and Vanessa Victor

In April 2010

“You have a very beautiful country we had a fantastic time, Patrick responded positively to our every need. I was impressed I expected a mini bus.” Marysia

“Has been thoroughly amazing trip .Rwanda has exceeded every expectations. The gorillas were truly a breath taking experience. Travel Hemispheres Ltd and Patrick especially have made this journey” Vanessa


Marlene and Ryan

In July 2010

“Despite having a malaria episode Vincent gave us excellent service and tried his best to give us the best service too. Our accommodations in Kisoro and Bwindi were excellent, the staff, physical place and restaurant were perfect.” Ryan



Lisa Stein Kamp

“Fred, I picked your company because you were so professional and answered your emails right away, we loved Edward, the accommodations and attractions were so incredible. Thank you.”


Pedro Amaral

In April 2010

“I very much enjoyed my trip to Rwanda with Travel Hemispheres and I will recommend your agency to friends and family. Patrick is an excellent guide – highly recommended.”


Manon Vrisema and Liaop den Velde

In August 2009


“Musa thank you for your care, I enjoyed the trip. Musa showed us many things on our way to Bwindi and we shall recommend travel Hemispheres to our friends.



PATTI BROWN: : Nov 2008 :Tracked mountain gorillas in Rwanda with us and was a gift to her sister’s 40th Birth Day.

Hello Fred,
Am back in Australia now. I must say that my sister and I had the most fantastic time in Rwanda and we were very impressed by everything we saw. Patrick was such a good companion to us and we were very happy to spend time in Musanze and enjoy the town. The gorillas of course are beyond words and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been that close to those wonderful creatures. Our guides, Patience and Odelea were super wonderful and I am so pleased that Rwanda is so keen to preserve this amazing animal. Please let me know more about the inverter for your business and I’ll do what I can to help. I want to send a DVD, book on Australian mammals and a pair of reading glasses for a lady to Patrick. Please let me have the correct P.O. Box number that I can mail these items to Patrick at!
Thanks Fred, take care, catch up asoon.


MIKE CAMPO Family: : USA Jun/Jul 2008 : Had safari with us of 2 weeks.

We made it home safe and sound last week after a wonderful trip to Uganda. I want to thank you again for all your help, your honesty, and your patience with us to make this trip be a great success. You went over and above the call of duty for a travel agency by personally meeting with us, and giving me direct access to you via your cell phone. I very much appreciate the way you treated us, and I promise to highly recommend you to anyone we know that will be visiting Uganda in the future.

Although I can’t guarantee that our local travel agent will send you business, I will be calling her to tell you about the great experience working with you. Her name is Lee Ann Richardson, in case she contacts you by email. I am going to suggest that she contacts the corporate leaders at Virtuoso, to see if they can add you as a preferred travel provider.

Lastly, I want to tell you again that Edward did a fabulous job driving us and guiding us all around Uganda. He was very pleasant, honest, and caring. I strongly suggest you use his services for other tourists. He is a good Christian man, and I know he really needs the money.
Best wishes,
Mike Campo


ROS AND TERRY McDONNELL : UK: Jun/Jul 2008 : Had a safari with us of 3 weeks.

Hi Fred,
It is hard to believe that 4 weeks ago today we were swimming at the Victoria Lake hotel at the end of our fantastic Uganda holiday.  So very many thanks to you for all your hard work arranging everything for us and ensuring our trip went smoothly, your attention to detail was fantastic with not a hitch with any of the bookings etc.  Thank you also for allocating Ronnie to look after us, he is a great guy, knowledgable and very focused on ensuring that his clients needs are met. He went way over his job description to help me find my routes and willingly took us out of the way to revisit old haunts.   We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Uganda and for me it reinforced many happy childhood memories -a beautiful country and lovely, friendly people.  We will certainly sing your praises this end to Phillip Briggs at Bradt and hopefully , especially if there are others doing ditto it may help with future bookings.  We certainly wish you and your company much success in the future as you deserve to do well.  I just hope the failing economic situation over here & in Europe doesn’t impact too heavily. It may be lean years to come for all of us!

Since returning to the UK it hasn’t stopped raining!  Wettest August since records began etc! Makes us miss Uganda all the more, even if I did grumble at the odd shower – or flood thinking of our return from Kaazi!  Back to work & and all the slog of trying to keep everyone in the NHS happy despite internal politics!    Roll on next summer!

Good luck for the future.  Feel free to give our email address to any potential customers that want a reference, we are happy to help in any way we can.

Best wishes and very many thanks, Ros & terry McDonnell.




A father and a daughter. The father was trying to visit the country he last visited last 40 years. Below are their comments.

I apologise for leaving it so long to write this.

However, I shall always cherish the memories of the trip to Uganda which you so excellently put together for my daughter Alice and myself.  The only major regret is that we could not have spent more time in Uganda but that restraint was beyond our control and most certainly beyond your control!

It was a pleasure to have met you in Kampala and I really appreciated that personal touch – apart from anything else it was great to put a face to your name which, from the extent of your email correspondence with Alice, became almost a household name!

I cannot say how helpful you were in putting together a customised uganda safari package itinerary to meet our requests. But there is no doubt that the time spent planning the trip really paid off as the itinerary included all the places we had identified as unmissable and we felt that by the end we had been fortunate in seeing the “sights” such as two really splendid Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks as well as Lake Bunyonyi but also we saw and learned of so much more about the culture and life of Uganda.  Of course we were very keen to see the game, and indeed saw many elephants, water buffalo, lions, giraffe, antelope, leopards and many many more animals not forgetting the wide variety of birds plus thousands of fruit bats, but, particularly having visited the country previously, I was very keen to glean as much information about the social structures and quite simply the people of Uganda of whom I had very warm memories.

Infact the friendliness of the people we came across was wonderful and this was demonstrated perfectly by our driver/guide, Ronnie Kiggundu, of whom I cannot praise enough. He was of course responsible for us throughout the trip but he undertook his tasks with such care and diligence that I would not hesitate ton recommend him to anyone as a driver/guide.  He was extremely personable and really friendly while maintaining a totally professional approach throughout the journey.  He was completely in control and we really felt totally safe in his hands – an excellent driver too which is crucial in view of the “uneven” roads in some places.

It was a great pleasure and, I would say a great privilege to share his company for the extent of the trip: he provided us with so much information about all aspects of the journey but more than that I truly value many of the conversations we shared often overlooking the Nile!

I have no doubts that Ronnie put more than 100% into his role as guide/driver and there is no doubt that he “went the extra mile” for us, actually more on some days!  The additional expeditions he recommended turned out to be absolutely unmissable lifetime experiences – one of which included entering a cave containing over 1 million fruitbats!

Thanks to you Frederick and your company, Travel Hemispheres Ltd and Ronnie, your guide/driver, Alice and I experienced a truly brilliant holiday which I would choose to describe as a really privileged experience in your fantastic country, Uganda.

Thank you again and I would not hesitate to recommend you, your company and of course Ronnie to anyone intending to travel to Uganda.

With very best regards

Chris (Cornwell-Everett)



Diplomats based in France—(couple)
Below is Trevor and Richard  brief comments about their tour

We are very happy to recommend your company to friends and associates, and have in fact already done so several times.

We were very impressed by the level of service we received from Travel Hemispheres. In all respects, your company put together a very good package which we thoroughly enjoyed.The charter flight eased our gorilla tracking.

Am in a rush now as we leave for New Zealand in a couple of hours. We return to Paris on 2nd September 07. If you would like a more detailed response,
please let me know.

Best Regards,




“It was excellent throughout . Thanks for a great trip. Patrick was very good  and kept us live throughout our 23 days vacation in Uganda and Rwanda ’’

The above couple had  safari of  23 days  in June and July 2007. John lives in USA and  the wife works in Europe . They hand a wonderful safari holiday with us and hope can give recent comments about our company and   the country generally.


Client Lisa Perelman Mitchell and Jenine King  : May 2007

I really enjoyed my time in Uganda traveling with Ronnie. He got to know us as best he could understand our interests so that he could make this the best safari possible. Ronnie was always on time to pick us up some times even early he answered all of our questions with out hesitation. There was a problem on the first day but Ronnie handled it well and quickly made alternative arrangement for us. I didn’t communicate with Fredric so I cannot comment. But I appreciated that he came to greet us our first night. Some accommodation was cleaner nice than others. Wearer very happy to see the gorillas all of the game. I also enjoyed the markets that we stopped at long the way. I did not communicate with Frederick but he came to meet us the first night and brief us about our tour.

Client Jenine King .
Ronnie was our guide fantastic he was recommended to us fulfilled all of our expectations. I would definitely refer him to others. Fredrick was a pleasure to deal with.He was very accommodating met all my requests.

Buhoma had very polite staff couldn’t had both lighting in the hut. Mweya hostel was great. Gorillas were a highlight loved them sensory from start to finish in Kampala was out standing.
Overall it was an amazing tour and exceeded my expectations. Ronnie  our guide went over and beyond  he is incredible at his job. The vehicle, we loved it when you are sitting in the back and can enjoy the hatch on the car made it amazing to see animals and taking pictures Thank you Travel Hemispheres!!!!


Christine and Maria. 2004
We loved it all. Visiting women groups in different parts of the country gave us chance to know how fellow women earn their living in this country Uganda. We visited village women group projects and participated in daily activities. We saw fishing villages, markets etc and were wonderful. Having interacted with people was an added satisfaction on the top of wildlife game and good scenery to our tour. We suggest that you propose this to other tourists and it will be interesting for them and can benefit the local population. Try and suggest this option to other clients we believe many more would get interested especially women and we shall recommend your company Travel Hemispheres who ever is interested.


Peter and James Breitstein.   2004
The driver was courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly and we felt safe throughout our 10 days tour that turned out to be enjoyable. We liked his company. We shall recommend your company Travel Hemispheres especially your good driver guides.


Morris and Hunter :2003
His concern for us at all times was exemplary I can say that I felt very easy in his company. A real expert guide driver who was totally in control and left with no worries and added to my enjoyment of the whole trip. I enjoyed the variety of the accommodation especially cheap accommodation in  great locations  Over all brilliant organization and the actual day-to-day performance of the driver made this one of the outsmarting holidays in my life.


Anderson .: 2003
Being able to communicate through on line by email to book and confirm my trip in such a short time made it easier, which I had not expected in developing countries like Uganda in Africa. My favorite was seeing gorillas and game and it turned out amazing when I achieved my goals when I tracked the gorillas in Bwindi National Park and a lot of game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The beautiful scenery viewing the Rwenzori Mountains with snow on top, the Equator crossing and serene lakes colored my trip.

I was entrusted with good and knowledgeable guide who colored my trip. He did not only interest me in wildlife but introduced to me the people of Uganda and their varied culture that has made this trip most memorable. As single female traveler first I had fear and felt insecure in being handled by a male guide but he ended up making my 8 days trip safe, comfortable and free that I will recommend Travel Hemispheres to whoever is interested to carryout a safari with you.

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