Uganda is blessed with a rich diversity of natural habitats ,species and genetic resources in its forests which has enhanced  tourism in form of Uganda gorilla safaris. It is one of the most diverse  countries in Africa with ie 11% and 7% of the world’s bird and mammal species .This biodiversity as a great intrinsic valve .It is also important to human health and wealth , for example by providing  traditional plant medicines , wild relatives of domestic plants , a variety of ecosystems and species important in the tourism industry  which has promoted  Uganda safaris. And potential opportunities for Ugandans to  adapt to local and global change.

The heart  of Ugandan’ s approach to habitant and species conservation lies in a protected areas system  of National Parks , Wildlife Reserves and forest Reserves. These areas are currently managed under two different administrations (The Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Forestry Department  ) , under different Acts (principally the Wildlife Statute and the Forests Act )and generally focus on different components of biodiversity (Wildlife and trees)

Uganda’s rich forest biodiversity is under threat from:

-Unsustainable harvesting , habitat conservation , the introduction of alien species and pollution.

-The illegal trade in plants and animals , including poorly regulated access to genetic resources .

-Split administration between the Forestry Department and Uganda Wildlife Authority to address similar management issues (forest protection , beneficiary participation , sustainable utilization )

Forest also provide important environmental  services in the protection of watershed and soil .There are  increasing  pressures on important watersheds due to their high agricultural potential .Poor crop and livestock management practices , including the cultivation and over grazing of steep slopes and riverbanks, have contributed to extensive  soil erosion , and in some areas landslides. The  destructive harvesting of forest resources in watershed catchment forests is further contributing to soil erosion and  sedimentation , and to a reduction in the quantity and quality of water.

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