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Wildlife of Murchison falls Uganda

In terms of size, Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa. No other area in Africa can match its amazing diversity of habitats and this  richness is reflected in its ever-burgeoning Uganda  birdlist of over 1000 species. Amongst  these are many special endangered birds such as shoe bill stork, standard winged  Nightjar, the great blue Turaco, the Green broad bill and numerous endemics of  the Albertine Rift Valley that are rare to find elsewhere.

Uganda Tourism Description

Uganda has a unique description which cannot be close to the  truth….situated in the fertile heart of Africa, astride the Equator boasts of wide diverse  of landscape, from rugged snow capped mountains, the vast flatlands  stretching to the horizon, Uganda offers visitors a wealth of breathtaking scenery ,  with range of broad savannah, rain forests to arid – semi desert , plenty of  wetlands and abundant fresh rain forests. It is within such charming climate that  has natured and protected the mountain gorillas that still survive on earth.

It is estimated that not more than 1000 still survive on earth and that  those still surviving live in the environs of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  National Park in south western part of  Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking of Bwindi

Every visitor coming to Uganda would wish to get into contact with  these gentle giants moreover our distant cousins. Uganda should treat gorilla  tracking as the pinnacle of the tourism industry in the country if they are to continue attracting more numbers of tourist visiting the country and increase  passes to visit these gentle giants. You need to enjoy lifetime  gorilla trekking experience to be satisfied with the world adventures.

The spectacular scenery of undulating hills, the legendary mountains of the  moon- Rwenzoris that provide challenging climbing expeditions and the Nile  offering challenging white water rafting. The warmth of Equator and the  cool  breezes of Natural forests and mist mountains generate a tender climate throughout  the year not to be enjoyed anywhere else in Africa.


Gorilla safaris

sliver back of Bwindi

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Our outstanding national parks in the country. Our protected areas offer  outstanding beauty with a variety of fauna and flora. The geographical position  Uganda in the   shadows of Great Western and Eastern Rift Valleys give the country   special climate zones of  temperate, hot and wet, cool and dry, rainy climates.

Throughout the year and adversely supporting a variety of vegetation covering  range of short savannah grassland, tall savannah grassland tropical rainy forests  to  high altitude moorland vegetation.   It has been quite unbelievable to find  ice caped tips on the mountains of the moon at the same time lying along the  Equator.

Uganda’s tourism wealth  can be discovered in the following national

parks Safari destinations:

Uganda’s cultural history has made it one of the most visited by  tourists. Culture here is rich and dynamic dating  from from 15th century when  the interlucustrine kingdoms were formed. People here are very hospitable  and  receptive to foreigners.  Cultural sites such as Kasubi Tombs , Uganda  Museum and  Namugongo martyrs shrines have attracted both local and international  tourists.

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