Zanzibar History

History of Zanzibar

We take this opportunity to introduce to you the best Tours in Zanzibar. As per information we have, if you would like to spend your holiday at the island and get to know the history of the Zanzibar Island We will provide the best options where to stay and spend your holiday destination.

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Tour in Zanzibar:


The Stone Town is the oldest part of Zanzibar, the Town was build on about 95 acres peninsula and consisting of 2500 buildings. All made of coral stone, lime and clay. This is the most interesting part of the town with its narrow lanes. The Stone Town has 45 mosques, 2 Christian’s churches and 4 Hindu Halls.
The tour can be arranged either in the morning of 09:00 hours to 12:00 hours or in the afternoon 15:00 hours to 18:00 hours.

A Marine engineer who was a British built the House of wonder in 1883. The house was build as ceremonial palace for Sultan Barghash who was in power between 1870-1888. The house of wonder was given that name “HOUSE OF WONDER” simply because:

  1. It was the first house in East-Africa to be electrified
  2. It was the first house in East-Africa to have Elevator (lift)
  3. It was the first house in East-Africa to have tap water. Currently the House of Wonder is used as museum.


The former slaves are where you will find the history about slave’s chamber, Anglican Church history and slave’s monument. There was two chambers, one for men that could occupy about 50 – 70 and for women and children could occupy 60 – 80 peoples (slaves). The Anglican Church is the first church to be built in Zanzibar once after abolitions of slaves trade 1873 and the church was build on the market side is where there was a small hurts for slaves and in the church there is a wooden cross made from the tree under which Dr.  DAVID LIVINGSTONE died at Chitambo in Zambia.

OLD MARKET: The old market was built in 1904, and categorized in 3 main parts.
FISH MARKET: is a part where fish auction take place on one side and the other side the fish are just sold by negotiation price.
BEEF (meat) MARKET: Different kinds of meat are sold in the market except pork.
FRUIT & VEGETABLE MARKET: where you can come across different kinds of fruits and vegetable, which are sold at reasonable price. You can also come across the auction held once a week in the late evening in that auction the main goods sold are those wooden furniture.

AFRICAN HOUSE: The African House used by British as their club when they flocked with the Africa House with their families.

TIPU TIP HOUSE: MOHAMED BIN MARJEBU who was the slaves trade dealer TIPU TIP started dealing with slave trade while he was 18 years old built The Tipu Tip House, his real name is MOHAMED BIN AHMED MARJEBU. He was called TIPU TIP simply because the way he blinks is similar to the way the bird calls TIPU TIP blinks, he believe to be the rich person on Zanzibar Island because he owned about 10,000 slaves and 7 plantations. Currently the Tipu Tip house is one of the historic houses in Zanzibar.


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