Covid 19 in Uganda Guidelines to putting on Masks

1. make sure they fit well (cannot be one-size-fits-all like now proposed)
2. all the material to be used to be suitable (cloth masks have no effect on viruses at all but may give some protection against dust or bacteria like the common flu). Only surgical masks give relatively high virus protection but they must be reserved for HC-personnel. And as we see in Europe, even these masks do not give full protection to HC-personnel.
3. Make sure masks are always clean, which obvioslyy cannot be the case anywhere and especially not in Africa. Most people do not have access to running water nobody has access to clean water and the majority cannot afford soap. Thus the mask becomes a vector/medium for transmission of various d1seases (many more than onlyy Covid-19)
4. wash your hands before using the masks are also clean, always! This will never happen (se comments in 3.) Thus, against president’s orders we will now start touching our face much more frequently than before using masks
5. Masks can be used by everyone , using masks have the right competence in how to use them – will obviously not be the case in Uganda
6.Avoid moist masks (in this climate all masks) works like a transmitter of bacteria etc. just like an electric wire transmits electricity thus vastly increasing risk for other disease, which will eventually license our risk for Covid 19.
Africa has a young population most of which, unlike the US, UK, Italy, Spin etc. will not suffer seriously from Corona. The last four months death statistics in Africa tell the story. How about protecting the elderly and sick instead of imposing non-working masks on the population, wasting money on them and making hundreds or thousands suffer from unemployment, malnutrition, starvation and other disease (from mask-related flu, asthma etc to lock-down related HIV, measels etc.) for every person saved from a mild Covid-19?
Don’t get me wrong! Covid-19 is serious for some people indeed, but let’ focus on them and take measures that are in proportion to the issue at hand.
Save the people that need salvation!

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