Honey Potential Increase in Production to improve Uganda tourism

Uganda honey production used to be high and and go up to 500,000 tonnes. But surprisingly Uganda currently produces only 26,000 tonnes. This shows how Ugandans are failing to  respond to natural and easy ways of poverty alleviation. Entomologists in Uganda have been encouraging  People to engage in this activity but people are not responding. The response in very slow . at least some of the communities bordering Uganda national parks have gone ahead to start Bee Keeping as business. This activity is helping them to fight poverty . At the same time these communities by getting busy in this activity , they end up not going to do poaching wildlife in national parks. poaching reduces wildlife and is threat to our tourism industry by limiting tourists when they come here and fail to view expected wildlife when actually the poachers killed them. We find that a number of uganda safaris will not be satisfying as it should have been and will keep on reducing and government will be loosing foreign income from tourists.

The beekeeping sector is a virgin area where  you are currently assured of much profit because of its fulfilled demand . a Kilogram of honey goes for 10,000 a kilogram of wax goes for 15000 and a gram of venom at 30000. So the poor people can engage in this activity  and which not labour intensive and   not much experience is needed. If the puplic is educated on these values of beekeeping , they will wake up and start making money and solve poverty in their homes.

Bee wax can be a source of candle royal jelly, honey is used in cough mixtures , spread on bread, and venom is for boosting immunity especially for HIV patients .  Bee keeping will develop our country Uganda if we can exploit the potential the county has.


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