The Bambuti are a huntsman – gatherer community originate in the western part of Uganda .They are closely linked to the Batwa pygmies found in Uganda leading   to cultural safaris which is also combined with other tours like gorilla safaris, birding safaris and many more leading to foreign exchange earning in Uganda and also tour company’s like Travel Hemispheres Limited  earn  cost of living. The pygmies are also found in the countries of  Rwanda, Burundi  and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo . They are also culturally connected to the pygmies of the Congo, the Ndorobo of Kenya and the Koikoi and San (bushmen and Hottentots )of Southern  Africa. Their normal height is about 1.5meters.

In Uganda ,the bambuti can be  traced  in the present  districts of Bundibujo and kasese. They also dwell in the tropical Forests of the Congo River Basin alongside the  Ugandan border by means of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are whispered to be the original inhabitants of the Rwenzori  Mountain areas earlier than the arrival of  other bantu tribes .They are believed to have come  from Congo Forest.

Their verbal communication is called kumbuti which is extremely composite dialect that is also  very difficult  to learn.


As hunters and gatherers, the Bambuti are continuously on the shift. They move from place to place in seek out of food and secure places to live. They have alight effigy colour  and a gorgeous skin complexion .They have  the same coiled, woolly  hair as  their Bantu neighbours. They spot  broad faces  with wide nostrils and extraordinarily thick lips

The Bambuti assemble their huts in the similar model as other Bantu tribes build their  huts. Nevertheless, the roofs of their huts are finished  of leaves not thatch. The  huts are encircling and built very short with so small an entrance that they have to crawl on their hands  and knees when entering and or leaving the hut. Since they are constantly on the move, their huts are impermanent.


Their diet is essentially composed  of meat that is often supplemented with bananas and sweet potatoes which they obtain by bartering meat for them with other close to tribes. They are skillful hurters who get their meat from mainly hunting wild game in the forest  .They  carry an array of weaponry that includes spears bows and poisoned arrows .They are known to ambush wild game at water points in the forest .

It is the task of the Bambuti men to  hunt and bring food for their families .The women do normal house chores that also include carry the family’s possessions when moving from one location to another .


Their dress is composed of a belt would  round the waist, with apiece if bark cloth attached to the belt in the middle of the back ,brought down between the legs and fixed against  the belt front .This type of dress suits both men and  women but it is not very common for the Bambuti to put on clothes. They usually go stark naked though, occasionally ,some of them may be found with a brass-wire bangle.

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