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Best time to visit:
The climate is good in Uganda all year round – hot and wet, daytime temperatures generally hovering between 22-27 C. It cools down at night; enough for a jersey but woolens are not necessary. The rains come twice a year, in October/November (short rains) and Mid-march to end of May. Rainy season is no reason to postpone your travel however, as generally it rains for an hour or two and the rest of the day is clear and sunny.

Visa is now necessary for most Nationals and can be obtained prior to travel. However visa can still be obtained at all places of entry at a fee of single entry $ 50.00 per person.
Ugandan visa fees was increased with effect from 1st July 2007 as follows.
Student visas                                        US $ 20
Single entry                                           US $ 50
Multiple entry 6 months                         US $ 100
Multiple entry 1 year                             US $ 200
Inland transit                                        US $ 15
Yellow Fever vaccinations are recommended and an international traveler we recommend it to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, we also recommend anti-malaria inoculations, especially during the rainy season. Most prescription drugs can be bought affordably and with ease over the counter in Kampala. We advise clients to take their Personal insurance.

Official Language:
English, Luganda and many local dialects are spoken. Swahili is also widely spoken and understood.

Airports: Airlines: Charter flights:
Currently there is one International Airport at Entebbe the country’s hub. A number of international airlines fly direct to Entebbe, among them include, British Airways, SN Brussels, Kenya Airways/KLM, Emirates, South Africa Airways, Egypt Air and Ethiopian Airways. Emirates with daily flights will fly to Entebbe and will link to the whole world. Most major towns have airstrips, as do most National Parks and Game Reserves. Charter flights are available with small aviation companies. We arrange them on request privately with those clients that that prefer charter holidays like or are limited with time. To a small scale they operate scheduled flights.

Ugandan Shilling is our currency and convertible. It is advisable to carry Cash American US dollars, Euro, British Pound or Travelers’ Cheque. There are numerous Forex Bureaux and International Banks in the capital city – Kampala and the main towns. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels and restaurants and can be cashed to limited amount per day at the counters of international banks. There are ATM machines that can cash some credit cards. It is generally best to carry cash- shillings upcountry as you may not get places to carry out exchange. It is advisable to carry USD dollar notes from year 2000 and above as below notes may at times not be accepted and fetch high bank charges. Note to be in denominations of 100s and 50s .small bills are not acceptabel and fetch low exchange rates.

Light clothing, hats, and sturdy shoes. Long sleeve shirts for evening. Sweatshirt or fleece for evenings upcountry. Uganda’s position on the equator suggests a need for sun cream. Also it is advisable to equip your self with insect repellent. Women in rural towns may feel more comfortable wearing clothing that covers their knees and shoulders, but this is not mandatory. It’s usually hot by midday, but evenings are always pleasant. The warmth of Equator and the cool breezes of natural forests and mist mountains generate a tender climate throughout the year not to be enjoyed anywhere else in Africa. Tracking gorillas will require you to long pants – Jeans and long sleeved shirts and blouses, rain gear- water proof jacket or rain coat that will protect your cameras from rain. Rain in Bwindi Forest daily is almost a must. Te terrain is steep and sturdy shoes are recommended.
Gorilla Tracking:
The minimum age for Gorilla tracking is 15 years. And each permit costs $ 700 per person per day for Bwindi National Park, $700 for Mgahinga National Park, and $1500 for Park de volcans Nationale in Ruhengeri.

Where is Uganda?:
Uganda is land locked country in Africa. Uganda is located in the East African region that borders Kenya in the East, Tanzania, Rwanda in the south , Sudan the north and in the west DRC Congo.
Uganda lies along the Equator and the famous lake Victoria the largest fresh lake in the world is located here shared by the 3 east African countries. Uganda is a beautiful country with enviable flora and fauna showcased at different spots and corners of its boundaries. It is home to the biggest population of the prized Mountain Gorilla, the primate chimpanzees, beautiful weather, source of the mighty River Nile, Africa’s largest fresh water body- Lake Victoria, lush greenery, landscapes, vast wildlife, birding experiences, cultural showcase, Uganda is good for adventure safaris , peaceful the with the happiest people in the world. This can be seen where you travel at beaming faces and throughout with enviable nightlife and much more.

When you encounter the rest of world, yet you asked this question “#where is Uganda” For us who are marketing Uganda for Uganda safaris tourism this question keeps on coming and this tells us that less is known about Uganda. A more serious marketing strategy could work to the advantage of the Pearl of Africa. At the Uganda stands in different Travel Expos this question arises in the tourism expos. However tour operators try to sell Uganda to buyers from all countries of the world. At one time Uganda was known for bad past associated with its dark past, identified with fallen statesman #Idi Amin.

Some of the people who have visited our stalls are ignorant about Uganda. Some of the tourism agents have asked us if Idi Amin is still living . Some still have stories about our dark past so we are telling them that that is part of our history but it is behind us and that we have a stable country and a diverse tourism product we as Travel Hemisphere as an indigenous tour operator we usually explain to potential tourists tending to come to Uganda.
Uganda needs all the showcasing it can get because it is under marketed and under exploited. “We have a diverse product. We have only been selling the primates, that is, the chimpanzees and gorillas but we have Mountain Rwenzori, the Victoria Nile, name it, the white water rafting in the Famous River Nile , the Ever best climate along the Equator where can find temperate conditions, the vast Savannah grasslands, Uganda is home of primates – mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys lots of monkey species and a 1000 bird species.

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