It is important that everyone should be concerned about environment because the environment benefits everyone. Environment should be a concern to very country in the world in order to save for the future generation.

nyungwe nationalpark

nyungwe nationalpark

This can be done when governments set laws and regulations for environmental protection and sustainability and the then these laws are implemented. Therefore, this requires the governments to allocate funds to run the implementation.

The Government of Uganda has got laws and many means of environmental protection and sustainability not excluding environmental impact assessment. But the major problem is that the laws are not implemented.

They end up on paper only. The Government should prioritise its activities according the necessities Uganda  has enough money to protect the environment. What it needs is a plan of action. My proposal is that Uganda should now encourage all Ugandans to plant trees most especially fruit trees.

These trees will help people even fight poverty. Most Ugandans are not responsible to their environment not only because they do not know the value of the environment but some of them cannot afford.

This will help Ugandans to improve on their health and wealth as said by The Uganda environmental education and tree planting organisation that “Plant a fruit tree to improve on your health and wealth”. Just one avocado tree you gain the following: Avocadoes are very rich in carotenoids: Avocados contain a plethora of nutrients and carotenoids are certainly the most important ones, given the fact that they protect you against eye disease.

Avocados are great for lowering your cholesterol; it often happens that fatty foods and sugars are the main culprits behind high levels of bad cholesterol, fortunately you can easily keep it under control by simply eating avocados on a regular basis.

Avocados are your greatest allies in the battle against extra pounds; consuming more avocados reduces weight. These fruits are very rich in fiber, which are known to fill your stomach and become satisfied for a long period of time.                                                                                                                                                                                               Lower your blood pressure: Avocados can help lower your blood pressure in a natural and efficient way, since they are very rich in potassium and magnesium – two essential compounds for treating hypertension.

Avocados improve your blood flow and keep your brain healthy: They prevent or at least slow down the decline of your cognitive abilities.

Avocados can reduce the risk for breast cancer: a balanced diet that includes at least half an avocado per day can reduce the risk for breast cancer. Avocados are rich in carotenoids and they also help your body absorb the carotenoids from other fruits and vegetables.                                                                                                                                                     Avocados should become part of your daily diet. Eat avocados not because of their unique taste but because you care about your health.

How much space does one of these two avocado trees take and you reduce several risks of diseases?    Trees are not only limited to producing oxygen, carbon sinks, acting as shade,  leading to the formation of rainfall, acting as wind breakers, providing employment, proving food, lifting peoples’ prestigious status, reducing pollution, controlling noise pollution, cleaning the air, fighting soil erosion,  tree roots bind the soil, reducing water runoff, providing timber and fire firewood, controlling floods and increasing property values. Trees also act as habitant for primates like gorillas leading to gorilla safaris in Uganda . I appeal to all people to plant trees to fight climate change.

Trees is a simple thing everyone can do to reduce carbon dioxide, a principal greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. No matter where you live, you can plant trees and take a proactive, positive step toward keeping our planet healthy.

Let us put a policy that no plan of house should be approved without the allocation of at least two trees in every 50 by100ft plot of land. Enviromental protection is the key for future development. Let everyone plant a tree and help fight climate change.

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