Lions are  mammals  of the family Felidae and one of four ”big cats” in the genus oanthera. They are the second  leading   feline genus ,following the tiger leading to adventure safari in Uganda  .This can  also be combined with  gorilla safaris , birding safaris with Travel hemispheres limited.The male lion ,easily acknowledged by his curls, weighs flanked by 150-250kg (330-550ib).Feminine range 120- 150 kg(260-330ib0.In the wild ,lions exist for about 10-14 years, whereas  in  captivity they can live over 20 years.

Diet and hunting.

Female lions frequently chase at  night or daylight and in packs. Their prey mainly consists of  large mammals such as  antelopes, gazelles, warthogs ,wildebeest ,buffalos  and Zebras, but smaller animals like hare and birds are taken occasionally. In a few area lions focus on rather  atypical prey  species

Young lions first try  hunting  at three months old, but often not victorious  hunters until they are two years old.

Lions can  attain  speeds of about 60KM/h(37mph),but they don’t  have the stamina to be long  distance runners ,so they have  to come to a certain extent close to their prey before starting the assault. They creep up  to the victim until they reach distance of a bout 30m(98 feet) or less. Usually several lions wok together  and enclose the flock from different  points  .The assail is short and powerful and the lion tries   to catch  the prey with a fast rush and some final leaps .The prey is usually  killed by  a bite into the nape  or throat.

Because lions chase in open spaces, where they are easily seen  by  their prey ,cooperation increases the  like hood of  a triumphant hunt. Team work  also  enables them to defend their prey more easily alongside other large predators like hyenas,  which can be concerned by vultures over kilometers in open savannas. The  males emotionally involved  to prides do not usually participate in hunting, except in the case of large animals such as buffalo.

Social   manners.

Lions are predatory carnivores who apparent two  types of social association. Some are residents ,living in groups ,called prides. The  pride consists of related females ,their cubs of both  sexes, and a group of one to four males  known as coalition who mate with the adult females. Others are nomads ,ranging widely ,either  singly   or in pairs.

Being smaller and lighter than males, lionesses  are more  agile and faster   and do  the   pride’s     hunting ,while   the stronger  males patrol the territory  and protect  the pride, for which they take  the   “lion’s share” of  the females’     prey  .When resting  ,lions seem to enjoy good fellowship       with    lots of touching  ,head rubbing ,licking and purring .But when it comes to food ,each lion looks out for itself .Squabbling and fighting are common, with adult males usually eating first ,followed by the females and then the cubs.



Typically, males will not bare outside males, and females will not tolerate outside males, and females will not tolerate  outside  females .males are excluded from the pride or leave on their  own they reach different cubs in the same litter having  different fathers .In captivity, lions reproduce very well.

The conception lasts among one hundred twenty days, and female gives birth to a litter of one to four cubs. The  females in a pride will  harmonize their reproductive cycles  so that they work together in the raising and suckling  of   the young, who suckle indiscriminately from any   or all of  the nursing females in the pride, cubs are weaned  after six to seven months .In the wild die before the age of two.

When a new male (or   a coalition) takes over  a  pride  and outs the preceding master (s),the  conquerors often kill any remaining  cubs. This is explained by   the  fact that  the females   would not become fertile  and receptive    until  the cubs grow up or die .The male lions reach prime of life at around 3 years  of age and are capable of taking over another pride  of over 4- 5 years      old .They begin age  (and  thus weaken)at around 8.This leaves a short window  for their own offspring to be born and mature-the fathers have to produce offspring as soon as they take over the pride .Some times a female may defend her and the ousted male’s children  from the new master ,but such actions are rarely successful, as he usually kills all the previous top males cubs that are less than two years old.


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