Mountain Mgahinga:

Mountain  Gahinga  a Kinyarwanda word for a pile of  volcanic lava stone heaps a round  the  cultivation farms and gardens which are carried out. At the foot of the mountain. It gets higher to 3,474 meters above sea level and the rise takes up in relation to 6 hours. This Volcano is summated ,taking a full day each  and it is situated  inside  the park beating two birds at the same time mountain climbing safaris combining it with gorilla tracking safari in Uganda

It takes three days  to the  climb of  all the three volcanic mountains throughout your Uganda safari. Uganda has a great deal to propose as a tourist destination .

Hiking the  mountain  trip  can be combined  together with other activities like cultural encounter,  chimpanzee or gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgahinga gorilla national park,nature walks,  wildlife and so many .The safari can be arranged with Travel Hemispheres Limited. .

Secondly ,the Mufumbiro mountains in the narrow verbal communication way “mountains that cook” referring to being active Volcanoes that  explode from time to time in DRC .Mufumbiro Mountains  consists of three Virunga Volcanoes situated in Uganda which are a cross  the border of Democratic Republic of Congo , Uganda and Rwanda. They originate in South Western Uganda  next to border of Uganda with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Uganda consists three of them  and they are extinct , there are three of them. These are all extinct and initiate inside Mgahinga gorilla National park found in the  south western part of the country .In addition to that, Nyiragongo and Mount Nyamuragira establish in Democratic Republic of Congo till now .

Thirdly , one of the volcanic  virunga’s  is Mount Sabinyo and it also the third on the side of Uganda border which extends to about 3645 meters above sea level. It’s  name means the old Man’s teeth  due to its top being pointy which has been washed away and the most difficult to hike up to the peaks.

You stride into Congo or Rwanda when on the top of Mount Sabinyo and requires no entry permit to cross into the two countries .It take about 8 hours to hike up and down.

The Mount Muhavura:

Mount Muhavura is funnel shaped volcano higher than the two on the Ugandan side  border which is   elevated mountain through a height of about 4,127meters above sea level. A times it is referred to  Mount Muhabura  meaning  guide. As you go up up muhavura you determination   gorgeous and astonishing views of the volcanoes, Lake George and Lake Edward in queen Elizabeth national park, the Rwenzori Mountains, and the Bwindi impenetrable forest.

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