Where is Uganda

Uganda is land locked country in Africa. Uganda is located in the East African region that borders Kenya in the East, Tanzania, Rwanda in the south , Sudan the north and in the west DRC  Congo.

Uganda lies along the Equator  and the famous lake Victoria the largest fresh lake in the world is located here shared by the 3 east African countries.  Uganda is  a beautiful  country  with enviable flora and fauna showcased at different spots and corners of its boundaries. It is home to the biggest population of the prized Mountain Gorilla, the primate chimpanzees, beautiful weather, source of the mighty River Nile, Africa’s largest fresh water body- Lake Victoria, lush greenery, landscapes, vast wildlife, birding experiences, cultural showcase, Uganda is good for  adventure Uganda safaris ,  peaceful the with the happiest people in the world. This can be seen where you travel at beaming faces and throughout with  enviable nightlife and much more.

When you encounter  the world,  yet  you asked this question “where is Uganda” For us who are marketing Uganda for Uganda safaris tourism this question keeps on coming and this tells us that less is  known  about Uganda. A more serious marketing strategy could work to the advantage of the Pearl of Africa. At the Uganda stands in different Travel Expos  this question arises  in the  tourism expos.  However tour operators try to sell Uganda to  buyers from  all countries of the world. At one time Uganda was known for bad past associated with its dark past, identified with fallen statesman Idi Amin.

Some of the people who have visited our stall are ignorant about Uganda. Some of the tourism agents have asked us if Idi Amin is still living . Some still have stories about our dark past so we are telling them that that is part of our history but it is behind us and that we have a stable country and a diverse tourism product we as Travel Hemisphere as an indigenous tour operator  we usually explain to potential tourists tending to come to Uganda.
 Uganda needs all the showcasing it can get because it is under marketed and under exploited. “We have a diverse product. We have only been selling the primates, that is, the chimpanzees and gorillas but we have Mountain Rwenzori, the Victoria Nile, name it, the white water rafting in the Famous River Nile , the Ever best climate along the Equator where can find temperate conditions, the vast Savannah grasslands, Uganda is home of primates – mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys lots of monkey species and a 1000 bird species.   

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