The kingdom  swanks  uganda’s tourism attractions  that is  to say  amabere ganyina mwiru, the Rwenzori Mountains ,tea plantations and the royal tombs . Other attractions are the King’s palace at Kabarole Hill, Mucwa Chambers, Nyakasura Falls and over 40 crater lakes.  In working together this will contribute to Uganda’s tourism in the region of Toro by adding new products and promoting the sector.

Uganda cultural tours

cultural dance

The kingdom is an entrance to a number of national parks such as ; Semuliki, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth known for wildlife , Bwindi Impenetrable which is known for gorilla tracking  , Rwenzori and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserves. Lakes, Albert, George and Edward can also easily be accessed in the kingdom as well as the several rivers that flow from the Rwenzori Mountains

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